Advantages of Online Poker for Real Money

When playing poker online, players enjoy many great advantages over live games in casinos.

The very best advantages are the pure randomness of the deal, and not having to touch the same cards and chips as other players.

You always get a fair deal from the dealer when playing online poker. That’s because a random number generator determines which card is dealt each time.

You also don’t have to handle the same cards and chips as other players, who might be ill with the cold, flu or other contagion. A study by the University of Wisconsin paired healthy gamblers with those who had colds, and most of those who were healthy wound up with colds, too.

You don’t have to worry about getting sick from your fellow players when you play online.

You also don’t have to worry about them seeing your cards. That’s because no one sees anyone’s cards while playing online. In a casino, though, you have to keep your cards closely guarded.

You can worry less about any tells giving away your hand, either. While you can talk with your fellow poker players when playing live games online, you don’t need include the body language that so often gives away players’ tells.

A real money poker game works the same online as it does in a casino poker room. Everyone antes, and abide by the betting restrictions, if any, placed on the game.

When you win, you collect your money right away in your account. You also can have more money available then when betting in a casino.

When you bet in a live casino, you might be restricted by the amount you bought in chips. At a live table online, though, you could access your account in many instances, and bet larger amounts.

Some tables, though, will be limited to table stakes, and you only can wager what you bought in chips or credits prior to entering the game.

Depending on the type of poker game and stakes played, you might prefer playing games that strictly are tables stakes. If you have a great hand, though, you might opt for a game with open stakes, that are limited only by your bankroll.

A live dealer is another option you can pick when playing online poker. With a live dealer, all players can ask questions and get quick answers. The rate of play also is quick, and you have someone directing the action.

Possibly the best advantage of playing live poker online is the ability to get paid right away, without concern that someone might see you and rob you outside.