Going on poker tilt

When you start going on a poker tilt in a different game than you usually do and let emotions interfere in the course of the game. It often happens when you lose a significant hand or when you catch your opponent bluffing and winning when you should. This is when going on a tilt, or an emotional state of mind usually starts.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that tilts are dangerous. You should never combine emotions with the ration and power of concentration required by a poker game. It will make you do things and make decisions that you otherwise wouldn’t do and this will only cause you to lose your money. It is easy to understand this mechanism: when feelings interfere, they determine you to place higher and higher bets; bluff more and stay in the pot longer than you normally should and further more, it makes you lose your discipline and self control and therefore, loose all your bankroll.

All in all, the occurrence of a tilt is really bad. But the good part about it is that they can be avoided. As most tilts occur as a result of greedy people trying to make up for major losses, this is what e should focus on in the first place. Why do we never see the bright side of things? Why do we always remember only the losses and beats we suffer, but never remember the fortunate winnings and big pots we get and be happy about it? This is a rhetorical question, but if we tried to give a logical explanation for this it would be that we tend to look at the empty half of the glass because in most cases losses come faster and more often than winnings. However, we ignore the fact that when winnings come, they make up for losses and even more.

We all know that it’s practically impossible to win hand after hand, all the time. So, if we stopped forgetting this, we wouldn’t make such a big deal out of a lost pot.

We may not be able to make firm boundaries between emotions and reason, as we can’t deny completely the power of our emotions, but we can decide how much we can let them interfere with logic.

Tilt will only change your gaming in an aggressive manner and aggressiveness is the last thing you need in gambling. This is why our advice for all gamblers is that winning a pot it’s best to take your winnings and walk away. And this also applies for losses. After suffering a loss, understand that the money you have just lost is not yours anymore, so don’t try to take it back. Because this is when tilt occurs and you will suffer more and more losses.

You will see that the more experienced you are, the easier it will be for you to avoid tilt. When you are a pro, you will have figured out the techniques and strategies you will always stick to and this is when you’ll understand that lost money doesn’t come back just like that. You will get what you deserve when the time is right.