How to Find Other Poker Players

From smoke filled bars to basements around the world, there are many poker players in the world. For the player looking online, finding real poker players to play matches with can be a little more challenging; however, knowing where to look can make this much easier. By taking advantage of chats for other gambling and gaming products, would-be poker players can find mates to play poker with online as well. Best of all, some of these sites have poker available as well as the other games they offer.

More about bingo specials

For the poker players looking for like minded individuals, bingo rooms are actually a great place to start and thanks to bingo specials and bonuses, the cash outlay on many sites is minimal to get started. The reason why an online bingo room is a good choice is because there are real people in the chat all waiting for a bingo game to start. No bots, no automated responses but real people. They are all gambling as well so the chances of finding poker players are better than a random chat room as well.

Alternatives to bingo promos

Another good option for finding poker players for online poker is to start in social poker games and see if any of the players would want to play for real money. Social networking sites all have social poker games available where players play against their friends as well as others who simply enjoy poker. Striking up friendships or rivalries with these players and seeing if they would want to play on a poker site for real money. Many won’t go for it but some may. They may not have known about online poker where players play for real money or simply had not considered it until they realized they were pretty good at it, thanks to the social poker alternatives.

Aside from this, simply asking one’s friends on a social networking site is a great way to find poker players to play with. You never know which friend of a friend or randomly added person happens to be a fan of poker. Social poker games are a good way to figure out their betting style before going forward with poker for real money as well.

Approaching Players

You will never know whether someone is a poker player, regardless of if you are asking in a social poker game or while using bingo codes, unless you ask. Even asking friends and co-workers can be a great way to find poker players and this option even opens up playing poker in person in a basement or game room. Either way, finding poker players that you know and enjoy playing against makes the game all that much more fun and it doesn’t hurt if there is some rivalry as well.