Poker Basics – Observing Your Opponents

A winning poker player will always be observing and watching their fellow poker players.

Analyzing your opponent’s play allows a player insight into what hand their competitors may hold. This allows the observant player to make better decisions, and ultimately win more pots and lose fewer chips.

For inspiration on observation technique rent the classic 1974 Gene Hackman film, The Conversation.

A player should pay attention to other players and their actions even when not involved in the hand.

Use Player Note to build up a database on other players and their habits.

A player should remember that their opponents might be watching them and so vary their own play occasionally.

Observing Your Opponents in Online Poker

With online poker tracking, your slick opponent’s every move is just a click away. With this note taking feature you can write down every quirk, tell, or pattern that will help you defeat the enemy.