Poker Basics – Position

A real estate agent once said it was all about “location, location, location.” In poker, as in life or the bedroom, position is everything.

Early Position

Early Position is usually defined as the first three players to act after the blinds (for a full table). A player in early position should only play strong hands, as there are players to act after them who may raise.

Middle Position

Middle Position is usually defined as the next three players after the three early position players. A player in Middle Position may play slightly weaker hands than an early position player as they have the opportunity to see some of the action before them.

Late Position

Late Position is usually defined as the last two players before the blinds. Players in Late Position may play a greater number of hands, as they are able to see the actions of the majority of the players at the table.


The blinds have the advantage of playing a diverse number of hands as they have already contributed either a partial or full bet. If there is a raise before them, then the blinds must often fold, as they will be in Early Position after the flop and so need a strong hand to continue.

Playing Position in Online Poker

So, you’ve taken your seat at the table but now the action is really going to heat up. And where you are sitting at the table determines, in part, how you should play the game.