Poker Players Etiquette

Poker Etiquette is nothing more than good manners and showing respect for your fellow poker players. Basically treat others at the table as you would like to be treated yourself, no-one likes a loud mouthed poker bully.

English only at the poker tables
While English may not be your first language, we must insist that only English be spoken when you are playing poker. Other players will feel excluded from the conversation if you use another language, and this also creates suspicion among your fellow poker players that you may be passing information about your hands.

Mind your language
Although poker room software will block out foul language, many players try to bypass the swear filter. There is no need for swearing on the poker tables, and we will suspend the chat of players who try to abuse the chat function.

Don’t be a loud mouth
It’s pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes when players have a bad run of cards or experience a bad beat, they lose a bit of self control. Don’t berate other players just because they got lucky, or try to humiliate players who are playing poorly. They may be beginners, or just be there to have a bit of fun, the last thing they want is a poker lecture from the resident poker expert.

Keep the chat to sensible levels
Everyone likes a nice friendly poker game, but don’t let your need to chat slow down the game. If it is your turn to play, then play first and chat later. Although you may be enjoying an in depth poker discussion with your fellow poker players, others may just want a nice smooth game of cards.

Keep up with the game
While poker software allows 30 seconds or more to take your turn, this does not mean that you should use this on every betting decision. The allowance is there for those times when a tricky decision occurs, and for those inconvenient times when your connection to the internet is slow, or if you’ve been distracted and did not realise it was your turn to bet. When it’s your turn to play, then make your move quickly and keep the game going. If you continually play really slowly, your opponents will become increasingly frustrated at your tardiness, and may even leave the game because of it.

Use the ‘Autopost’ and ‘Pre-select’ functions
Remember there are ‘auto post’ buttons that allow you to prepare your move before the action gets to you. This is particularly important when it comes to the blinds, where selecting auto post will automatically post your blinds before the dealing starts, and saves delay between hands.

Don’t make comments about a hand in progress
When you are out of a hand, do not comment on the hand if it is still in progress. Folding and telling people what your hand was gives the remaining players an unfair advantage. Also you should never give out unsolicited (or solicited) advice on how a player should play a hand.