Who Make the Best Gamblers?

There has been quite a bit of controversy lately with regards to who makes better and more successful gamblers: men or women! The truth is, this is not particularly a fair question! Men and women can both be great or terrible players in their own right.

There are several factors to consider when trying to solve this question. There are statistics to consider and other options to evaluate. Firstly, there’s the fact that men and women generally play different games both in a land based casino and in an online casino. For instance in poker, both at online casinos and land based casinos, the majority of poker players are male, so chances are a man would be better at poker statistically because of the simple fact that there’s more of them playing.

With regards to slots, online or off, there are equally as many players for both genders, but these games require very little (if any) skill and so the question looks to luck for an answer. Are men or women, luckier than the other? Probably no real answer to that as well.

Online casino analysts collect detailed statistics on their players and when asked they could not make too many gender conclusions. So no matter whether you are a man or women if you practice your skills (at those games that allow for improvement in practice modes) and if you feel lucky then perhaps you can be the one to sway the statistics one way or another. Until then were going to consider it an equal playing ground and let the money fall where it may.